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ED'S PLACE - Thu Mar 24, 2016 @ 04:05PM
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I know that at times it seems like you just can't move ahead.  You get paid and the money is gone as soon as you cash your check or it gets deposited in the bank; You solve one dilemma in your life only to be faced with another; You finally find a happy place only to have someone or something disturb your inner peace. 

This, my friend, is called living. 

Don't get discouraged if your life is not perfect or you find obstacles that seem to block your path to success or inner peace.  Know that you have the strength to go around them, under them, through them or over them. 

You are an awesome individual that has navigated through life thus far and will continue to do so.  Yeah, you may have a few bumps and bruises but believe me, so do I and so do we all.

It's okay to have moments of doubt or weakness as long as you know that those are simply that, moments.  Life is filled with so many moments that you have to remember to not get stuck living in one. 

I know you've heard of that old saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  Well don't only make it but drink it.  Whatever Lemon has landed in your life garden use it to nourish and strengthen your soul. Mix it with the sweetness of your triumphs and become a stronger and better person. 

Here's to you, my friend.  We at Ed's Place lift our glasses of lemonade to you and say, "Cheers." 

Comments: 15


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