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Ask Diamond

Advice and Resource Mentor Responses

Be not afraid of greatness: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." -William Shakespeare




Let me first say that you are drop dead gorgeous.  I am conflicted about getting help for a gambling addiction that I have.  I find myself going to the casino and loosiing my money and than not having money for my basic needs like food and medicine.  I have tried to stop going but I feel so good when I do.  It isn't drugs so I think that if I tell someone or seek help people my think I am crazy.  Do your place know anywhere I may go in secret where I don't have to reveal this stupid addiction.

J. M. M.

Dear J.M.M.,

Your addiction is not crazy but actually quit real.  I am not sure where you live or what state but I do know that although many states and cities do not offer a great deal of support for this condition there are some in the United States that do and there are many gambling hotlines and support groups that will help you with your addiction.

The most important things is that you recognize and have admitted to your problem and I truly believe that you are now well underway to your recovery.

You can contact the National Council on Problem Gambling’s confidential hotline at 1-800-522-4700 for help or utilize websites for other resources and information in your area that will help you not only cope with your addiciton but find people and places that will help you understand, deal with and conquer your addiction.




As always we at Ed's Place are here for you and if you would like individual assistance pleace click on find an E-Mentor and we will assign one of our e-mentors to you who can assist you further.

I encourage you to continue seeking help and utilize the resources I have provided you.  I believe in you and know that victory awaits you in this quest for help in which you seek.




Your advice is on point and I enjoy reading it. I am being told to go back to school by just about ever body I come in contact with. I am 43 years old and spent most of my life working as a janitor. The pay never was to bad and I have no problem cleaning. Its hard for me now because my back and fingers hurt and some times freeze up on me. Am I to old to get a mentor who could help me go through the process of getting into school. I want to do it undercover just in case things don't work out for me.

Mr. Clean

Dear Mr. Clean,

I am assuming that is your code name and I love it. Let me first start out by saying to you it will all work out. School is open to everyone if it is what you want to do. Your letter was brief so I am going to make some assumptions. If you are trying to change professions because your current one has become more difficult to do because of some physical problems, although school is not the only option open to you it is a good one. Please click here and sign up for an E-Mentor. We are available to any and everyone needing our help transitioning. Someone will contact you within a day or two. Remember to Google, use Ask.com and other resources to learn about the different career paths you may take since you are looking into going to school. Rather it is a trade school or college I believe that success awaits you. Good luck and I believe your networking experience with your E-Mentor is going to be exactly what you are looking for and remember, I believe in you and know that greatness awaits you.

I was refereed to your site by my counselor. I recently got out of juvenile detention and I'm gonna move into my own studio in a few weeks. I am having problems getting utilities, phone and cable because everyone wants a deposit and I don't have enough saved up. Is there anyone who will help me with this type of thing?

James C.

Dear James C.

Congratulations on your up coming move, we at Ed's Place are so excited for you and we understand that moving on your own for the first time can be costly but there are resources in most communities that can assist you with first time deposits on services such as utilities. Most utility and telephone companies will assist by splitting the cost of deposits over a span of time (3 or 4) billing cycles if you request. Begin by calling each company and asking if they have this option and if they do than choose to do so. Often you will not have to begin making the payments until your first bill comes and you are allowed to start services even before paying your first deposit payment and bill. Other resources to help you with start up monies for your basic services may be churches, our organizations such as the salvation army so you may want to look into both along with asking your utility companies if they too have a list or know of other organizations that assist in your area.

Remember that it is important to prioritize your services. Get the services you need to sustain yourself first (water and energy) and than work on other services such as telephone and cable. Last but not least James I would encourage you to sign up for an E-Mentor by clicking on Find an E-mentor on our homepage menu bar. An E-mentor will assist you on a one on one basis finding resources throughout your community .

If you do not know where to begin to do these things when you begin networking with your E-Mentoring he will walk you through the process and ensure that he does what he can so that you have all the tools you need to be successful . As always James if you need any more help from me please do not hesitate to "ASK DIAMOND", and remember I believe in you and know that greatness awaits you.




I am 17 years old and will be aging out of foster care in afew months. I have no contact with my biological family and have no ties here in Tennessee where I live. I have always wanted to be in the entertainment businessand I want to move to Los Angeles, California (Hollywood). My foster parents don't really care where I go or what I do and they have told me that they can not afford to let me stay with them without state help. Can you tell me what I should do to get started I only have a few months to make major decisions and I want to catch the next bus out to Los Angeles once I graduate from high school. Just an FYI, I will have a little cash toget started around $3,000.


Star Struck

Dear Star Struck,

Congratulations, you have made your first step to making your move successful. Youhave found our website and ask for help. The money you have although it may seemto be a lot to you will run out fast in Southern California so before you make you move you should secure a place to live and a job or at least have some great leads before you get there. Click Here and we will assign you an E-Mentor from C. C. Edwards Management Group who is familiar with the areas in Los Angeles and the work offered in the entertainment field.

Today the job market is somewhat strained and depending on your skills you may be competing with a lot of people for jobs. Southern California is full of studio apartments and you may want to begin by looking at the pricing in areas which are both safe and affordable and looking into room-mate situations. Be sure to tell you foster parents or case worker your plans and ask them to assist you in securing a place in a safe environment. Many entertainment studios look for individuals to sit in the audience of games shows and talk shows and will pay you for a days work. Your E-mentor can also give you some resources to check into the different agencies which you can sign up with in this area that send out individuals to fill seats for studios. These jobs can be fun, can give you an income until you are able to find a steady job, can expose you tothe business and often the work can be quit steady if you are willing to be available. Please also consider going to school and taking courses in the area you are seeking to entertain people in. Continuing education always makes you more marketable and can enhance you chance at success.

Good luck and we are so excited for you and look forward to working with you. Stay bold, focused and be prepared and all will work out in your favor. Click on the links located on our menu bar and begin job hunting and looking for available resources inthe area where you are seeking to move.

Your E-Mentor will contact you once you sign up and will help you through your transitioning process from the beginning to the end. Get ready to prepare your resume for successful job hunting, and be sure to obtain all your legal documents that you will need to handle all your business as an adult and once you get to Los Angelas. Don't worry, if you do not know where to begin to do these things when you begin networking with your E-Mentoring he will walk you through the process and ensure that he does what he can so that you have all the tools you need to be successful and as always if you need any more help from me please do not hesitate to "ASK DIAMOND", and remember I believe in you and know that greatness awaits you.