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How to obtain a passport in the United States

Link to obtain a passport


Getting a Passport

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1. Fill out your form
FormUsed For
2. Collect your supporting documents
You'll need:
  • Citizenship evidence
  • Identification
  • Proof of relationship (for children under 16)
The specific documents you need depend on what form you're using.
3. Get your photo
You need one 2" by 2" color passport photo. See Passport Photos for requirements and photo examples.
4. Calculate your fees

Passport fees depend on a number of factors. See Passport Fees to find your fees and methods of payment.

5. Submit!
FormHow do you submit?
DS-11In person at an acceptance facility or a passport agency*
DS-82 and DS-5504By mail or in person at a passport agency*

*You can only apply in person at a passport agency if you have urgent travel. For more information, see Where to Apply.