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Thelma's Corner

Resources for Senior Citizens throughout the United States

As a senior citizen the world may look a little bit scary.  There are resources throughout the country that can help you find services that will make your life easier and assist you in living a full and comfortable life.


USA GOV, provides resources throughout the United States for Senior Citizens.  Click Here to be directed to the website.


Elderly Abuse/Domestic Violence

Violence in the home can occur anywhere and is not limited to woman. Elderly abuse can happen as a person ages. If you are in an abusive situation please get out. For more help and additional information Click Here.

Senior Companions

Visiting Angels


National and Community Services:   

Assisted living

For referrals to assisted living see links below.

A Place for mom

Senior Resource Group


Senior Day Care  Centers

For centers that you can go to during the day and enjoy activities and companionship Click Here.

Senior Transportation

Getting out into the world can sometimes seem scary with your older.  Below are links to organizations that provide senior transportation to help you get to your outside destinations safe and with no worries.

Click links below for resources to free and low cost senior transportation.

ITN America/Dignified transportation for seniors

Easter Seal

Elder Helper

NCST/National Center on Senior Transportation

**More to come please revisit this site.